Visualisation Proposal: Scenarios & Data

After telling what I’d like to visualise I would like to explain some more about the visualisation proposal. For evaluating my visualisation I was asked to think of some scenarios users of the visualisation could perform. Also it was not clear in my previous post which data I would like to use.


Important in the evaluation of the visualisation are scenarios that I could ask users to perform. Performing these scenarios user can get an idea about the visualisation and give some feedback. Here are the scenarios I’ve come up with, when I think of or receive feedback on other scenarios I’ll be sure to add them.

Timeline Visualisation

  • Search for all bookmarks or tweets or other type of activity made with a service within a specific period.
  • Look for the period with the most activity on the paper.
  • Search for an activity with a specified text, tag, …
  • Retrieve the day or week of an activity.
  • Look at the detail of an activity.

Tag Visualisation

  • Look up a paper indirectly related to the current paper.
  • Find all papers with 2 or more tags in common with the current paper.
  • Find all papers with one specific tag.

Mendeley Library Visualisation

  • Find the paper most related to the current paper from a library.
  • Select all papers with one or more tags from a library.
  • Find all libraries at least containing the current paper.


In my previous post about the visualisation proposal I explained that I’d like to visualise tags. These tags would be received from other services, a possible way to get these is through an API offered by these services. The activities from the timeline should also be gathered from other external services. I’ve been looking at some of these services to determine the feasibility of these visualisations, I will make a separate post about it. As always comments are welcome!


One Response to “Visualisation Proposal: Scenarios & Data”

  1. Bram Says:

    Great going, keep it up, make it concrete, and make it kick ass 😉

    Regarding the visualizations:

    – will you allow some sort of comparing ? compare the weekly activities for one paper, with last week. Or this year vs last year ? Or a comparing accross different papers ? And having a top 10 papers, per week, month, … (so, cross-paper comparing)

    Tag Vizualisation:
    – will the source of the tags be visualised in any way ? Or will the user be able to exclude tags from certain sources ?

    regarding data, using google Alerts:
    The right search query there, might enable you to find new blog posts, citations of a paper.

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