New features of Delicious

Delicious is the best known social bookmarking site out there. Recently it added some new features, some of these might also be useful to add to an open repository like DSpace.


The first new feature is “Fresh” content, this is what Delicious likes to call a combination of Delicious bookmarks and Twitter conversations. The “Fresh” content page shows the most recently bookmarked sites and any related tweets. This gives the user a better idea of what others thinks about the bookmark and why it was bookmarked.


Another new feature is the possibility to share a newly added bookmark with your friends from Delicious, Twitter or via e-mail. This feature makes it a lot easier and faster to tell your friends about some exciting new link you found. It would be nice to do the same when a user would upload a paper or thesis, this would generate a lot more traffic to the publication. This also makes it easier for people to share those publication and to be kept up-to-date about the newest publications of a colleague. Both of the previous features seem to let social networks work together even more closely, in my opinion this is something all social networks should try to do.

The final feature of delicious I would like to highlight are the subscriptions on a tag. In a way this is the same as following someone on twitter, it makes it easier to gather information. This feature could easily be applied to publication of papers in an open repository, by showing the user a list of recently uploaded papers with a certain tag or within a certain discipline.


One Response to “New features of Delicious”

  1. Bram Says:

    I recall that delicious was quite popular among computer scientists. Is there any information on which parts of academic research are users of delicious ?

    There might be a nice comparison in delicious vs endnote vs connotea … in the fight for the best tool for reference gathering & keeping. Or is this a case of comparing apples with pears ?

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