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Report: First meeting

July 16, 2009

At the first meeting with my supervisors a few things were explained about the thesis and the communication with my supervisors. A good way to keep my supervisors informed was to maintain a blog. In my blog posts I could tell about the progress in my work like the papers I’m reading, any ideas, … This is an easy way to write some of the text of my final documentation of the thesis and my supervisors are informed about what I’m up to.

To begin with my supervisors explained the idea behind the thesis. At the moment @mire is using Dspace to enable researches to share papers with each other and the rest of the world. In my thesis I will have to add some social features to Dspace, of course there are a lot of possibilities. A few propositions were:

  • Automatic recommendations services: when sharing or viewing a paper a few papers will be recommended, having same topic or other related areas.
  • Citation analysis: who is referring to who?
  • Comment: sharing opinions on a paper with the author
  • Collaboration: enabling different persons to collaborate on a paper. Google Wave could be a new solution to this issue.
  • Information visualisation: a visual way to analyse links between papers, … e.g. tag cloud.
  • Content: Current users often don’t like adding document, because it’s to complex for them. Can this be made easier? Could access to the papers be made easier?
  • Personalization:  for easier and faster access to content a personalized home page could be a solution.

In the end a choice needs to be made from these options and possible other ideas. To make this choice easier a study has to be made of the current situation in research 2.0 and the social features. This study needs to be finished at the start of the acadamic year. Any ideas and feedback are welcome in the comments.